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Every Customer who comes to Flamme Burger is a part of our FAMILY!

Nicholas Najem



About Us

Flamme Burger is a local, family-owned business that features an open kitchen layout with a true and unique wood-burning grill. Flamme Burger will provide diners with an innovative dining option featuring fresh, high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques, and distinctive interior design bringing the features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick-service dining.


"I've been cooking since I was a kid by working in my uncle's kitchen creating our family's homemade Italian recipes," said Henri Najem, co-owner of Flamme Burger. "I believe in using fresh, local ingredients and am excited to start the next chapter of my restaurateur career while also incorporating some of those traditional family recipes."

With an emphasis on fresh local ingredients, signature menu items include salads, fresh-cut fries, gelato milkshakes and a variety of entrees. Choose from our traditional beef blend, fresh seafood, grilled and fried chicken, authentic Wagyu and lamb, mouth-watering appetizers, and more in addition to local beers and wines.

Flamme Burger is a five-time Indy Burger Battle Champion. Come and visit us in Indianapolis , Indiana (Keystone Commons Area) to experience our top-notch
food offerings!

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